Glass Club

Glass Club has been created for anyone who has been bitten by the fused glass making bug.

Everything about the club is new and therefore practices and procedures may change over time.  I therefore ask that everyone who joins does so with an open mind and a willingness to help shape the club.  My hope is to build a small community of like-minded people who want to explore this amazing art form but above all else have fun.  

The initial plan is to run it on a Wednesday, biweekly.  If there is enough demand I will look to increase the number of sessions.

The sessions will not be run as a taught workshop – you will be able to make your own project at your own pace.  There is no need to complete a piece in a single session, and you are very welcome to keep it at my workshop and return to finish it another day if you would like.  Some projects by their nature will take several sessions.

I will be around but you will need to have researched your project - please be aware that I don’t always have all the answers and experiments can go wrong – it’s how we learn.


The cost of attending a session is £20 for 3 hours.  This covers overheads, workshop time and storage of your glass and or equipment if you would like.  You are very welcome to keep your glass and equipment in the poly tunnel behind the workshop.  The poly tunnel is very large but unfortunately it isn’t water tight so I just ask that you provide a plastic storage box with a tight fitting lid that is clearly labelled with your name.  There is plenty of room so you are very welcome to have more than one box if you wish.

Firing of your glass is an additional cost and is charged as follows:

Full Fuse - £4 per quarter shelf in the large kiln

Tack/Contour Fuse - £3 per quarter shelf in the large kiln

Slump Fuse - £3 per quarter shelf in the large kiln

These charges include the upkeep and maintenance of the kiln, the management of unloading and relining the shelves, the electricity and my time.

I will let you know at the beginning of each session what the kiln will be used for next and give you approximate timelines for future firings.

Because everyone will be working on a variety of projects I ask that you source and purchase your own glass and preferably your own tools (tools can be hired on a session by session basis for £2 if you need however, especially if this will help spread the cost of starting up).  I am very happy to give you help and guidance on tools, glass choice, and suppliers. 

The only stipulation is that the glass is Bullseye, this way we can ensure we don’t come across any incompatibility issues.




  • Be supportive of others – constructive criticism is welcome

  • Be prepared to accept constructive criticism

  • Be prepared to share ideas

  • Do not share techniques from paid e-books or paid tutorials

  • If you require a different fusing schedule than my normal ones (see below) please discuss it with me before starting the project so that we can check it through together and agree a cost.  Please note that I can’t take responsibility for a different firing schedule not working

  • Come with enthusiasm and be prepared to have a lot of fun!



Nothing here is set in stone – this is a new venture so if things aren’t working we will tweak them and try again!




So… if you would like to find out more or have any specific questions feel free to ask. My number is 07590675730 or you can jump in and book a slot.  There is no upfront payment booking just reserves your spot at the bench.